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Frequently Asked Questions

If I decide to use your service what timescale are we speaking of?
Our reports are normally prepared and dispatched within two working days.

What types of survey are available?
There are various types and you should read the Guidance Note on the following pages. Essentially the less expensive type is known as a Home Buyer's Report and the more extensive report, which is usually reserved for larger or older houses, is known as a Building Survey. We also offer pre survey, home condition and single defect reports if you need something specific just ask.

If I am purchasing a flat what report would you suggest?
Invariably the Home Buyer's report is sufficient for the purpose.

Are your reports illustrated?
All our reports have an option of photographs of the property to be included

If I have any particular concerns are you able to address those specially?
On receipt of a concise note from you we will be happy to address individual points in the body of the report and discuss them later also.

On what basis do you charge fees?
As with many property costs, surveyors fees normally have regard to value but they are negotiable.

After I have received the report is any further help offered?
Although we normally work alone at the time of inspection we are always happy to meet the client at the property, after the report has been read, in order to clarify any points of concern.

Is your firm insured?
In common with all Chartered Surveyors we are obliged to carry appropriate professional indemnity insurance.

How do I pay you, and when?
At the time the report is dispatched to you an invoice will be included and if you could please pay this within seven days this would be appreciated.




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