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Party Wall etc Act 1996

Liverpool Based Party Wall Surveyor

We are a Liverpool based Party wall surveying company  who have as our principle surveyor Graham Shone who is the North West regional director for the faculty of party wall surveyors. Graham has worked extensively in Liverpool  and is a fellow of the faculty of party wall surveyors.

In 1996 the Party wall etc act 1996 became Law in England and Wales The Party wall Act was developed to assist in preventing building disputes between neighbours and the party wall act allows surveyors to award and determine disputes without redress to civil litigation.  The party wall act is known as an enabling act this means its purpose is to enable you to undertake certain works. The Party wall etc Act gives rights to a Building Owner to carry out works on their land or to do work that affects a party wall or party structure. A Building Owner/developer can exercise rights to cut into a party structure, cut projections off from the party structure, underpin it or inject into it. It also allows excavations, within three or six metres of a an adjoining building. When an award is produced this is not a negotiated permission from a neighbour it is a legal document that allows you to exercise certain rights as detailed within the party wall etc act 1996.

When exercising  the above rights, the building owner  has certain responsibilities towards all Adjoining Owners who may be affected by the works. They must serve Party Wall notices in good time setting out detail of the work, and subsequently  appointing surveyors in accordance with the Party wall act if there is dissent to a notice (a dispute between the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner). Surveyors for both sides are required to act impartially.  The Building Owner and the adjoining owner may if they wish and agree appoint a single surveyor to act for both of them this is known as an agreed surveyor and can help reduce costs.

We act for clients in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, and throughout the UK although our base is in Liverpool.

Acting for Building Owners

When acting for Building Owners we:

  • Ascertain and confirm ownerships by way of undertaking Land Registry searches, speaking
with solicitors and making any other enquiry as required to ascertain ownership..
  • Serving the required Party Wall notices upon Adjoining Owners.
  • Preparing Schedules of Condition in respect of Adjoining property relating to the party wall or excavations that affect the works.
  • Speaking with and confirming details with Building Owners, in particular their architects and structural engineers, to assist with  and help produce all necessary drawings, to assist with the serving of the Party Wall notices and for completion of the Party Wall Award.
  • Drafting the Party Wall Award and agreeing the details, terms/contents with the Adjoining
Owners’ Surveyors.
  • Agreeing additional Party Wall Awards as necessary.
  • Monitor the work during the contract period and at final completion to confirm that all work has been done as allowed for within the award in accordance with the party wall etc act 1996.

Acting for Adjoining Owners

When acting for Adjoining Owners we:

  • Examine Party Wall notices served by the Building Owner or his/her surveyor to verify their legal validity.
  • Speak with the Building Owner’s Surveyor, visit the adjoining property and agree the Schedule of Condition.
  • We negotiate the content of any Party Wall Award.
  • Monitor the works from time to time during the building contract period, all as detailed in the Party Wall Award.
  • Checking the Schedule of Condition after all works are completed and assess defects to be remedied.

Acting for Both Owners

When acting for both Owners we:

  • Act impartially in administrating the act and will combine the roles as listed above.


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