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Whether you are looking for a homebuyer survey or a full building survey, Freetec Associates Chartered Surveyors are able to provide a great service for house surveys, house purchase reports with fully indexed property inspection and building surveys, The © RICS homebuyer survey is a good entry level survey provided at a competitive price by this local company based in Liverpool Merseyside

You may be interested to know that a building survey is what has historically been referred to as a full structural survey.

A homebuyer survey is the new version of the RICS homebuyer report this is an established industry standard report designed to give you the information to enable you to make an informed decision on your property purchase.

A home survey report is a similar report to a homebuyer survey and is provided by members of the Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association of which Freetec Associates are members the Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association is a national association with members based across the country and also in Liverpool Merseyside.

Homebuyer Survey

A Homebuyer Survey Report provided by Freetec Associates Ltd who are based in Liverpool on Merseyside is used for any residential property of recent origin and of conventional construction. This report covers all significant aspects of the property; it reports on any serious defects and supplies the purchaser with both market and insurance valuations. Being based in Liverpool on Merseyside means that you are dealing with a local company who can provide a first class service at a competitive price and will enable you to receive your survey quickly usually within 48 hours. Unlike the Building Survey, any defects found will be mentioned only as a warning to the client that serious defects exist and make appropriate recommendations for further inspection by specialists

Home Survey Report

This is a completely new form of survey which has been developed by ISVA from the ground up. The objective has been to provide a concise report which will include advice about the general condition of the property and summarise those major defects and shortcomings which might affect the decision to purchase. It is written in plain English and can include a valuation.

Building Survey
(formerly known as a Structural Survey)

These used to be called Structural Surveys, which is misleading because they cover much more than just the structure, and they are now referred to as Building Surveys.

They are a much more detailed survey than the Homebuyer Survey and we will advise on the structural stability of the building, with particular reference to trees nearby and whether they pose a threat, together with recommendations for remedial works. It will give a detailed description of the construction and inherent defects which may occur over a longer period of time. It will also offer long-term maintenance advice. A valuation is not normally provided, but can be if requested.

If the property was built prior to 1950 or is not the usual form of construction, it is more appropriate to have a Building Survey carried out. A Full Building Survey Report provides a detailed report and examines and describes each element of the property individually. A note of it's condition and an opinion as to how or why certain defects have arisen are explained and how, from the surveyors point of view, the problem can be put right.

This is the most comprehensive form of inspection and report and includes a photographic record. The inspection covers the roof, load bearing walls, and floors, together with a check for all types of dampness, woodworm attack, and fungal decay of timber. Visual inspection is made of the electrical installations, plumbing, heating and drains as well as all interior fittings, lightweight partitions, ceilings, plastering, staircases, skirting boards, internal doors, kitchen units, fireplaces, sanitary ware and floor coverings.

Externally, the condition of fences, driveways, paths and outbuildings is assessed and comment made as to the site and surroundings.

Elemental Building Survey with Services
(also known as Roof, Walls, Floors and Services)

This survey covers the roof, load-bearing walls, and floors, together with dampness checks of all types, woodworm and fungal decay of timber as well as visual inspection of the electrical installation, hot and cold plumbing installations, central heating and foul drains. No tests are applied of the services at this stage. The intention is to assess the age of each installation, its condition and whether there could be problems in the foreseeable future. If this appears to be the case, we usually recommend further inspection and testing by qualified specialists.

Elemental Building Survey Only
(also known as Roof, Walls and Floors)

This survey covers the roof, load-bearing walls, and floors, together with dampness checks of all types, woodworm and fungal decay of timber. It does not include for electrical installations, plumbing and heating or drains and nor does the report comment upon the interior fitting out of the property - ie; plastering, ceilings, lightweight partitions, internal joinery etc.

Valuation Services

Expert valuation reports can be provided for many purposes including matrimonial disputes, tax liabilities, probate, estate planning, building disputes and other litigation matters. With our wealth of experience in property valuation we can offer development appraisals and advice about maximising the value of a property with development potential. Valuations for mortgage, compulsory purchase, rent assessment and pension funds are all provided by our experienced surveyors.

Specific Defect Surveys

Occasionally, clients require advice on a particular aspect of a building such as an individual crack, dampness or other problem, which may have been observed during maintenance work or raised within a limited survey or mortgage valuation report. We can tailor our service to the particular requirements of our clients and provide specific advice without necessarily having to undertake a full survey of the building.

New Build Survey
(also known as Snagging List)

This report is used for any new property of recent origins and of conventional construction. The report covers all significant aspects of the property which can be visually inspected and takes into account that the property may not have settled down sufficiently for defects to become apparent. It does give the purchaser a check list of 'snags' which can be presented to the seller/builder to rectify.



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