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Thermal Imaging Surveys

Freetec  Associates Ltd. Chartered Surveyors who are based in Liverpool and regularly work in Greater Manchester, Cheshire,  Lancashire, North Wales, Shropshire, Birmingham and the Midlands are able to survey your property and to investigate and to diagnose otherwise undetectable parts of your building using the latest thermal imaging technology.

Thermal imaging camera can be used to find leaking on the floor pipework.

Roof leaks.
Dampness and moisture ingress.
Heat loss.
Cold bridging.
Diagnose condensation problems associated with missing insulation.
Assess electrical defects.
To assess damage to solid floors and suspended floors.

You may be interested to learn how thermal imaging actually works, all objects that are at a temperature above zero (-273°C) emit infrared energy, this energy can be seen and analysed with the use of thermal imaging cameras. Thermal images are easily mistaken for X-RAY images however, the two technologies are very different thermal imaging omits none of the dangerous radioactive emissions and can be used safely even on people.

Within Liverpool and Manchester many historic buildings exist with fine decorative and ornate panelling and plasterwork the use of thermal imaging cameras enables diagnosis of building defects to be undertaken without intrusive inspection thus creating no damage.

Recently and ornate plaster moulding at one of London's premier theatres the Apollo became detached from the ceiling and collapsed prior to the coving becoming detached there was no evidence of any particular problem, Freetec surveyors, from their base in Liverpool on Merseyside can undertake inspections of any building Theatre Museum or listed building or church with ornate plaster coving and can undertake specialist inspection for safety purposes early diagnosis of water ingress can be detected and reported upon before major problems become apparent.

The use of thermal imaging technology is both cost effective clean and non-invasive.

Freetec Surveyors can investigate for damp and moisture ingress to mobile and static homes as well as traditional or timber framed buildings.

Image of recently discovered under floor leak from heating pipework within a floor screed

Image of cold bridging and missing insulation to a property

Dampness detected following installation of cavity wall insulation.




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